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How SEMRUSH digital marketing platform can boost your startup or small business

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What is Semrush

Semrush is an online visibility management SaaS platform that has been used by over 7,000,000 marketers worldwide. The platform has a full set of tools that execute a powerful data-informed content strategy based on their audience’s needs, develop an editorial plan & manage the editorial schedule, get SEO recommendations using Content Template, WordPress Plugin/Google Docs Add-On to make comparison and recommendations, Track mentions of the brand, product, or content as well as those of the competitors using the Brand monitoring tools

What do Start-ups need?

Every startup need to define a crisp digital marketing strategy. Seven critical success factors for a digital strategy:
  • Defining appropriate marketing channels
  • Identifying the right audience
  • Communicating the message effectively
  • Establishing better return on marketing investment
  • Optimum engagement with your prospects and customers
  • Creating and edge over your competition
  • Automate processes to save time and human resources
Launching a new service or product into the market requires a lot of effort. Thus, most of the startups decide to hold their marketing initiatives until they’re well established and have no budget constraints to hire marketing staff. And even established companies also try and focus more on sales than working on marketing the concept. Although marketing can be very expensive, there are ways to minimize the cost and reach the targeted audience using digital marketing. It allows the start-ups to
  1. Increase sales and brand awareness, which is vital to the existence of any company. Digital Marketing permits more people to find out about your business cost effectively which results in greater ROI and more sales.
  2. The more the people see, the more well-known a company becomes and the more trustworthy it appears to the people.
  3. It allows increase brand awareness, build a powerful brand thereby making the product more appealing and memorable.
  4. Digital marketing especially for startups allows to build genuine and powerful lists of potential customers. These can be followers on email lists or social media.
  5. Starting the digital marketing process prior to launching the product permits building a potential customer base. Start-ups can immediately start marketing to them at the time of your launch, this way you can make product launch a very big event and mega success.
  6. Taking a feedback physically can cost a lot but you can plan online feedback surveys and thus can collect data. This will allow you to improve your product.

How can Semrush help your startup

Semrush has 40+ advanced tools for content, advertising, competitive research, reporting and social media management. These provide Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more. An inherent requirement of a growing start-up is to have a comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place that provides a large coverage and flexibility for an extensive client reach. Semrush SEO is widely acclaimed as the perfect combination to reach this goal. With multiple workflows from Competitive Research, Keyword Research, Link Building, Rank Tracking, and On Page and Technical SEO, it’s a perfect partner of any start-up in its journey. The platform provides advanced features and tools to perform the Competitive Research in all aspects including organic search, SEO, Advertising, Content, PR, Keyword Research, and Ad Creation, manage and optimize the content to improve the SEO rankings, perform research that helps to guage the competitors’ strategies thereby allowing for a good marketing decision. It further allows a set of solution that aid with notification pertinent to rankings, note making and performance reports.
  • Finding right keywords with better cost per click and conversion opportunities
  • Ensure your on-page SEO is up to the right standards
  • Check what your competition is doing to win customers
  • Increasing opportunities for link building
  • Creating better and more effective content
  • Frequent tracking of your web ranking
  • Manage all you social media through a single interface
  • Automate processes to save time and human resources
  • MOnetize your web audience more effectively

Important SEMRUSH Tools for startups

  • Backlinks Analytics – Provides an overview of your website backlinks performance. Also check where your competition is getting their backlinks from.
  • Link Building – BUild your portfolio from scratch. Discover, acquire and manage form one place
  • Keyword Magic Tool – Find well performing keywords, optimise cost per click
  • Organic Traffic Insights – monitor how your website is performing over time
  • SEO Custom Template – personalised SEO recommendations for your content copy
  • Social Media Tools – Post on all platforms from a single place, check competition frequency and followers, manage Facebook ads
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