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Identify relevant audiences, discover amazing actionable insights and inform your strategies to grow your business.
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Put consumer segmentation and cultural understanding at the center of your strategy.

  • Unique audience segmentation

Transform how you make decisions and discover new opportunities by understanding the audiences that really matter.
  • Turning insights into actions

Discover how to best engage and activate your audiences across multiple online and offline channels.
  • Take Twitter to a whole new level

Increase your brand awareness, craft the best acquisition strategies and measure your impact on Twitter.

Understand your competitor's audiences to gain market share Identify, activate or build author panels with micro and macro influencers at scale to amplify your brand and build your audience Identify relevant sponsor & partners to understand the potential value of the relationship and co-marketing actions Turn audience intelligence into actionable insights from previous events, competitors events or topics to attract the right audience for your event, identify the most relevant speakers for your audience and understand how it performed The purchase journey on B2B is not so easy. B2B buyers spend hours, days and sometimes months researching the technology, understanding them, their influencers and segments is vital for your strategy Create panels based on our audience intelligence reports. You can create these author queries in your Social Listening platform of choice by uploading, audience or segment members, influencers or organizations (including media) Identify the most relevant journalists for your audience and segments. Create content panels with them and their publications on your social listening to stay on top of the latest news and how they speak about certain topics With the rise of the "Cookie-less world", Creativity and Audience-first marketing are at the heart of the solution. Inform your targeting based on relevant segmentation and insights Audience intelligence allows you to do qualitative research on audiences, segments and their market share. Quickly research markets/audiences & competitors in addition to surveys, panels and focus groups data Audiense is the most powerful Twitter Marketing platform. Either to understand your followers, competitors' followers, manage them, create very advanced tailored audiences for advertising or even opt-in DM chatbots
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