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Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and Customer relationship management solutions
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Convenient. Comprehensive. Flexible. Low Cost.

Aptean is the first to deliver enterprise-class ERP software available on Amazon’s proven Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
With Compiere running on the Cloud, enterprises of all sizes can leverage this deployment option and the convenience of Amazon’s on-demand computing services.

  • Convenience of Utility Computing
  • Compiere Professional and Enterprise Edition's award winning functionality is built for deployment on the Amazon EC2 Cloud, a virtual computing environment for enterprise applications. Amazon's Cloud provides an "elastic" computing infrastructure over the internet that is secure and scalable on-demand. No more dedicated computer rooms or internal hardware maintenance. Focus on running your business on Compiere, and let Amazon deliver computing capacity when and where you need it.

  • Comprehensive
  • Compiere's business solutions with rich functionality and adaptable capabilities have been successfully deployed by organizations worldwide. Now, companies of all sizes can utilize these same ERP capabilities to run their business operations on the Cloud.

  • More Flexible than SaaS
  • A Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment typically means sharing a hosted instance and database with other customers. With Compiere on the Cloud, you get your own private and secure instance of Compiere Professional or Enterprise Edition. So you have complete flexibility to customize the solutions as well as control over changes and upgrades. And you can do that quickly and easily with Compiere's data dictionary and automated upgrade tools.

  • Low Cost
  • Compiere ERP replaces traditional upfront license fees and high ongoing maintenance costs with a low user-based subscription fee. And with Amazon, you only pay for what you use and have no upfront capital costs for hardware and IT infrastructure. So now you can dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership.