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Solutions for the new world of work

FreeAgent is a virtual home for your business, with all your customer relationships and work management in one, happy place.


- Grow your Revenue
Boost sales efficiency and gain revenue predictability. Scale operations with confidence, with real-time reports that link forecast changes directly to individual activities, so you can make business decisions that drive revenue.


- Improve your sales efficiency
Boost cycle times with instant lead follow-up, polished email templates, customizable deal stages, automated task management, and push notifications for the important stuff.


- Make your number
Win every quarter. Convert more leads, crush your quotas, and increase revenue predictability. Unleash the power of FreeAgent for sales leaders.


- Support your customers
Tackle issues quickly and correctly with notifications and instant context of complete customer history. Nurture customer-relationships to last a lifetime.


- Unlock productivity
Automagically log and organize emails, calls, meetings, and much more, so your team has workdays full of impact.


- Full-funnel visibility
Know what happens to your leads after the hand-off to sales; view volume and quality of interactions, see how quickly leads are qualified and gain more insight about leads that are scored low by sales. Target your ICP in advertising by creating lookalike audiences from your most successful customers!