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What’s included on the Free Tier

  • Real-time Web Analytics up to 1,000 pageviews per month
  • Intelligent Lead Capture.
  • Chat to visitors with Assistant for up to 100 profiles
  • Team Inbox.
  • User insights with the Customer Data Hub.
  • Premium Growth Content.
  • 1 Intelligent Chat Prompt.
  • 1 x Seat.
  • 1 x Project.

What’s not included on the Free tier

Premium Analytics features not included on the Free Tier:

  • Data retention greater than 1 month.
  • Historical Trends access (monthly, yearly and custom date range reporting.)
  • Historical Campaigns reporting.
  • Search for specific page/content metrics.

Premium Live Chat features not included on the Free Tier:

  • Saved Replies.
  • Chat Transcripts.
  • Multiple Intelligent Chat Prompts.
  • Lead Social Profile Enrichment.
  • Out of Office.
  • Edit profile properties.
  • Lead Enrichment.
  • Language Auto Detection.
  • Live Translate.