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By Dolroo | October 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

SHIFT – A must tool for Entrepreneurs

As an Entrepreneur, I chose Shift because I wanted to increase efficiency in my workflow, in my daily work. It has many applications integrated that allow for setting up all work in one application and is precisely what I had been looking for. The concept of workspaces grouping different tools around for example specific project helps focus and keeping everything organized. Knowing that this workspace can also be shared among colleagues has been an icing on the cake.


Specifically, Shift provided me an integration with the Microsoft outlook and the google suite of products. Simply by clicking an account icon, I now switch between Google accounts and have full access to all the services in that Google account. I now use Shift as my primary email client as well as for interfacing with all my Google Drive accounts.


The main feature that I can add workspaces has enabled Shift to become a dashboard of all of my work, all of my programs. It’s a one-stop shop for my work in the day and I have integrated email, practice management software, Adobe, Microsoft teams and others. It also offered multiple other integrations for WhatsApp and Facebook and all of the other tools and a calendar function. I use it daily to check my many email and social media accounts, to chat via multiple message apps, to keep track of my personal and professional calendars, and to attend to basic business and even personal tasks right there in the same browser, from Trello to my home budgeting software.


Getting started with Shift was easy. I think the onboarding process was very intuitive. You sign up online and the initial program is a free subscription. There were little tool tips to guide through the different onboarding steps. And, once you set up your organization, the dashboard is pretty ready to use. One can then add workspaces depending on what programs you are using that integrate into Shift, but generally it take less than an hour to get those running.


Further, It is possible to mute notifications for up to 99 hours and it is possible to mute notifications for mail, calendar and apps.


The feature called “workspaces” is an novel and effective concept. This is a section on the side panel where one can open up or bookmark any relevant tabs according to a particular project, or “workspace.” I use the workspace to share with my colleagues and juniors which is really awesome.


I am pretty much using Shift as my dashboard for most of what I do online. It’s a brilliant design that combines simplicity, ease-of-use, and powerful functionality into a single window with multiple panes. This is the front end tool that every small business needs. If you have a great deal of programs that integrate with Shift, any small businesses or freelancers should consider it because that would increase the ability to use Shift as the main dashboard for your workflow on a daily basis and increasing the overall productivity multi-fold. Overall, it’s a highly recommended product.

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